Hello, I'm Sarah Bass, LPCC

I am an aspiring creator of meaningful life. A career in the helping professions has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I was raised in the Marshall Islands and remember feeling very inspired by the community of service there. Looking for careers that would honor this goal to serve others, I went on to pursue various roles in the medical field and public health.

As I embarked on my own healing journey and after working in various healthcare settings for several years, I felt connected to and identified the ever growing and evolving demand for mental health care, which motivated me to pursue a career in this field.

People tend to tell me I am a warm-hearted, organized, goal-getter. Clients have generally told me that I have the gift of challenging them to dig deeper to become the most authentic version of themselves. In my free time, I enjoy spending time doing just about anything outdoors with my husband, family, friends, two dogs, as well as reading, traveling, and cooking.

--Sarah Bass, LPCC
Founder & Clinician

My Philosophy

Cultivating a truly fulfilling life can be a life long pursuit full of unique challenges. Many of us find ourselves lost in the process of being productive, accomplishing, achieving and all of the other various demands that our culture influences. Even when we feel like we're ticking all the "right" life boxes, we may struggle with feeling connected to ourselves and others, living authentically, anxiety, stress, engaging with old habits or coping strategies that are no longer serving us, feeling "stuck", and finding sustainable balance between work and life.

In therapy, I provide compassionate and values-based support that helps you learn to navigate and manage these challenges from a goal- and action oriented perspective that will help you create holistic wellness. I draw from many theories and their methods to tailor to your specific needs and help you figure out how to live more intentionally and authentically.