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Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or burnt out? Are you feeling “stuck” or "lost" in your relationship with yourself or others, or with old wounds and traumatic experiences? Are you struggling to find motivation or purpose? Are you experiencing a major life transition such as retirement or death? You are not alone and you have come to the right place. I work with clients like you who are hoping to create change and foster internal peace in their lives by deepening their self-awareness, exploring and managing their emotions, changing thought and behavior patterns that are no longer serving them, and reconnecting with themselves and others.

I provide authentic, values based and goal oriented support to individuals and couples. I have experience with anxiety/stress, grief, trauma, and relationships. I leverage my experience and knowledge to help clients find and practice skills that work for them and their busy lives. I draw from many theories and their methods to tailor our work to your specific needs. I approach care from a compassionate and empowering perspective. I hear from many clients that they heal, grow, and learn to better navigate their personal and professional experiences throughout our work together. 

I will join with you in a collaborative way to help you navigate your feelings and challenges so that you can live more intentionally and cultivate a more fulfilling life.


“My time in counseling with Sarah has been very beneficial. I have been able to work through traumas, which has helped me see how my life can be transformed for the positive."

Individual Client

2022 to present

"Sarah was just the best. I have seen a few counselors over the years. Shopping for a counselor is a tough process... But meeting Sarah was so easy. I just felt really seen and safe with her. There was no judgment. She made me feel so normal and heard. I just adore her and I hope everyone finds their 'Sarah'."

Individual Client

2022 to present

"Sarah was an amazing fit for our couples counseling before we got married. She consistently helped us create new behavior patterns and ways of communicating, we really did learn something every session."

Couples Client